S.J. Ritchie Research Farms

S.J. Ritchie Research Farms is a commercial broiler trial facility in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.  All trials are monitored by Dr. Stewart Ritchie and his team.

SJRRF Trials(Printable Copy)

Trial Facility: S.J. Ritchie Research Farms Ltd. 30325 Canary Court, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.


Description of Facilities, Protocols and Services Offered:

  • Two floors measuring 40 X 100 feet, two floors measuring 40 X 350 feet.

  • Strict biosecurity is adhered to at all times.

  • Identical equipment configuration, controls, and ventilation systems on each floor.

  • All floors are equipped with sensors for on-line and on-site measurements of:  body weight, feed and water intake, temperature, humidity.  The large barn is also equipped with ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water temperature & pH monitoring. 

  • PTZ camera access to production floors upon request.

  • On farm mortalities are recorded daily, with access to further diagnostics for mortality analysis.  All floors are walked a minimum of twice per day.  Flock health carefully monitored by CPC.

  • Shipping reports include final body weights, DOA’s and condemnation reports.

  • Each floor has a dedicated feed bin to allow for feed conversion calculation per floor.

  • Weekly manual body weights can be collected to support the automated in-barns bodyweights.

  • Access to birds for various processing metrics are available (i.e. WOG, EPI, breast meat yield).

  • Source flocks can be identified and with lead time source flocks can be pre-determined/selected.

  • Other metrics available include:  oocysts per gram, antimicrobial resistance monitoring, serological profiling and intestinal lesion scoring.

  • Weekly reports throughout the trial can be provided upon request.

  • (Note: Final weights (if applicable to your trial) are performed on the morning of day 35.)


S.J. Ritchie Research Farms DSM Mini-Pen Trials

  • Twenty-four pens (3 X 4 feet), housing 12 birds each.  Four pens per block. Pens are placed within a flock of commercial chickens housing approximately 18,000 birds. 

  • All requested metrics (body weight gain and feed consumption) are collected using memory equipped standardized scales. 

  • Chicks are sourced from a single source flock.

  • Accurate hatchery metrics are available for the source flock (breed, flock age, health program, etc.).

  • Chicks are generally sexed (males selected for trail) and weighed, removing any outliers. 

  • (Note: Final weights (if applicable to your trial) are performed on the morning of day 35.)

*Trial protocols can be adjusted per sponsor instructions. Data management can be provided by approved third party experts. 

S. J. Ritchie Research Farms Ltd. is a licensed producer of broiler chicken in British Columbia.

  • Safe, Safer, Safest; On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program (OFFSAP).

  • BC Poultry Biosecurity Program.

  • Animal Care Program.

  • Platinum Brooding®.

  • Canadian Poultry Consultants Ltd.  Veterinary Care.

  • CPC Poultry Euthanasia Accredited.

Please contact us at 604-854-6600 or 1-877-449-3447 if you have any questions.